3 comments on “Ogres vs Lizardmen (2500pts) – Turns 1 & 2 – 5/22/13

  1. It was 2490 to match my lists point value of 2489. And it was 441 points lost to that ridiculous charge. and you actually lost no points to dwellers. You did lose 3 models which, I guess, are technically 129 points.
    As for most hated units, the mournfang re up there, as are the blood knights. I’m not sure what else. All Vampires, most Ogres, WLC, HP A-bomb, crowds of rats attacking Saurus, … ugh.

    I am pretty tired of how dramatic and ridiculous the swings are in WHFB. I CLEARLY don’t mind losing since I have lost the majority of my games and still, years on, play regularly. It is wearing me out a bit though. Maybe I’ll make you play my armies and I’ll play Ogres for a half dozen or so games…If I continue to suffer from dramatic mid-game swings then we’ll know that it is me, my ability, or my play style…but I bet it won’t be.

    • Hrm. I did see some guys playing games where they chose one unit that the opponent could NOT use and one that they MUST use. Maybe we should do that…you can get rid of my Mournfang and force me to take…Gnoblars? Or make me leave my HPA at home but bring rat swarms. Hah.

      I would love to switch armies for a game and see what happens. But I’m afraid I would do too well with your army 🙂 Mwahaha!

      Let’s just do Skaven vs whatever, and try playing other games more.

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