5 comments on “12 More Ogres Ready For A Dip!

    • Heh, ACTUALLY, it was your last post that reminded me it was time to break out the SDE game I’ve had since Christmas. I haven’t gotten a chance to play, but I’m hopeful about it. Plus it’s got a bunch of minis to keep me sated hobbywise. And being a game full of expansions (I have already admitted to being an expansion wh*re), if it’s good it’ll keep me busy for many moons to come!

      • Haha nice. I’m in a pretty annoying situation. I ordered the game about a month ago, but forgot to change the shipping address with the store I bought from as I had moved houses, so it showed up at the wrong place. The worst part is it was delivered a day before my mail redirect service expired, so it really should have been forwarded to me.

        Luckily, the person now living at the house has marked it NATA (Not At This Address) and it is being returned to the sender. I now have to pay shipping again, but because it was the post companies fault, they have agreed to refunding both the original and new shipping costs.

        The most frustrating part… my Vonn Drakk Manor, Succubus Vandella and Herald of Volcanis arrived and I have no game to play it on yet… Grrr!

        And I’ve played two games on a friend’s set, it was awesome fun!

      • Wow, that IS annoying. At least you have the cool expansion stuff to keep your eyes occupied, if nothing else. I hope to see more and more about it on your blog. It’ll help push me to get it on the table, painting and gaming both.

  1. Look forward to seeing how these come out after the dip. Never tried the stuff myself but I have seen some lovely models done using the technique.

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