6 comments on “Bolt Action: 15mm or 28mm?

  1. Well, speak of the devil. I just played a 15mm Bolt Action game yesterday. I have some 15mm WWII figures, which I use for Poor Bloody Infantry and I Ain’t Been Shot Mum. And they work just fine in BA. Admittedly, except for leaders and snipers, they are not individually based, so I must use dead figures to indicate partial stand losses in BA, but that is no real problem.

    The weapon ranges also look a lot better using 15mm figures, in my opinion.

    And while I am discussing my humble opinions, I wasn’t terribly impressed with Bolt Action. It’s not a bad set, it’s simple, clean and fast moving. For WWII rules, it’s better than Flames of War, but I enjoy PBI, or IABSM, or Troops, Weapons and Tactics better. BA is just a trifle too “gamey” and abstract for my tastes. I’d give Bolt Action a solid “meh” rating. Just my opinion, prejudice and taste!

    Which is a big factor when it comes to figures…if you haven’t played the game before, make sure you don’t buy and paint a whole bunch of figures that will leave you locked in to a single ruleset that may not be to your liking. (Mind you, you can’t really go wrong with 28mm WWII single based figures; nor too far wrong with 15mm either. Most rules are rather flexible when it comes to basing, especially rules for 20th century conflicts).

    Myself? I’d plump for 15mm.

    • Thank you for the thoughts. Sadly, I didn’t get to check out the game tonight, so hopefully next week. I think I am going to paint up some of the 15mm stuff I have to try the game out, but I’ve always wanted to paint up 28mm WWII stuff (for some reason or another), so even if I just pick up some of the Warlord plastics and get them done up, at least I have a basis to try in 28mm.
      I’ve heard of a couple of those other rulesets. But now that I’ve already bought the rulebook and two army books for BA, I think I’m going to have to at least give it a good try.

  2. Ok, nice post. So i have no figures at all of this, just the rulebook winging its way to me. I do like the look of the 28mm figures, the question do I base my decision on what I think looks nice or what may play better? Or none of that, maybe I should just pick up a few models of each scale?? Dunno

    • It’s a tough question indeed! I think one thing that helps is looking at terrain…do you have appropriate 15mm or 28mm terrain? What is the cost of obtaining such terrain, and is that terrain useable in other games you play now, or potentially in the future.
      For me, I think 28mm terrain would get more use as I don’t think I’ll be getting into FoW in the forseeable future (even though more and more I REALLY want to). However, other locals seem to be using 15mm and there is terrain at the local store for it.
      Tough decision.
      Let’s keep each other posted on what we go with, maybe we can help each other! 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply, no, no terrain what so ever. But I do have a Tau and LOTR army, so I suppose 28mm would make sense. I am going to a local show this weekend so they may have some 28mm there. I agree let’s keep each other posted.

  3. I would aim for 28mm just because of the reasons you mentioned in the blog post. It is a skirmish game and so you don’t need hordes of poor bloddy infantry sweeping over the table. Plus your 28mm figs will stand out better and look great sitting on the shelf in between games!

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