3 comments on “Skaven vs. Vampire Counts (2000pts) – 11/27/12

  1. Good report, thanks. It looked like the tide swung heavily, first to the Vampires then to the Skaven, around turns 2 and 3.

    Regarding the Watchtower on turn 1, there is no upper limit on the numbers in a building after deployment (something that should be considered when 9th ed eventually appears, in my opinion) so in theory you could get a big unit into a shed if you so wished. In addition, units cannot march and enter buildings.

    • Thank you, as usual. This was probably the game that saw the most death and destruction early on than I have ever played. I’m glad I was on the giving end most of the time, finally 🙂
      And thank you for that note. I KNEW there was some reason you couldn’t normally get into the tower on Turn 1! I just didn’t look it up while we were playing. That’s okay, though, because it would have turned out the same way in the end, I just jumped the gun a bit.

      • Nice report, thanks..(New skaven player with chaos dwarves as slave units..;))

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