4 comments on “Second Old West Posse – Complete!

  1. Great job justin. Is there a rules set with these guys? I like the gruff guy 2nd from the left. With the Blackwater Fulch Kickstarter, there’s a free downloadable rules set. If the KS hits the $20K mark, I’ll probably pick some figs up but they won’t arrive until July 2013.

    • I will be using Legends of the Old West to start off with. If it’s a good system, I’ll keep to it. I’ve got two gangs painted up, a few buildings built and a few more buildings waiting to be built. I’ve also got all of the LotOW rulebooks, so lots of options for crews and scenarios. I will likely pick up a few more sets (these are Black Scorpion Tombstone sets, by the way) to allow for more players.
      I should have this at MM in the new year, after my baby hiatus. Or at my place, any time 🙂

      • Err … I “found” the LotOW rulebook so I’ll take a look through the rules. I like the genre and the model count. I plan to look at the blackwater fulch stuff too. And the Wolsung steampunk skirmish game is another one with free downloadable rules. Maybe some the figs from the Bones KS will work with these systems.

        So many games … so little time.

      • Wolsund also looks interesting, but like some others that catch my eye here and there, they’re not as high-priority as new games as some others. I’ve got a list of things I’d like to try/get into, which I will soon compile into my Game Plan 2013 list. We’ll see what happens, though 🙂

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