2 comments on “Tomb Kings vs Vampire Counts (1200pts) – 11/06/12

  1. Nice report. You might have been a little better sending the Warsphinx into the Zombies on it’s own, as it will stop the other side racking up combat resolution on the Skeletons and crumbling it. The killing blow is a decent threat to the characters and stomping over little infantry is what it does best.

    Good luck with the Ogres. They’re lots of fun to paint and play, but they’re very powerful.

    • Oh, I know. Sending both of my Priests’ units into combat…I just wasn’t thinking straight. They both would have faired better to just stand back and cast spells…which, really, that’s their job!
      I’ll start playing smart at some point, for sure 🙂
      I’m definitely looking forward to Ogres. Maybe I’ll finally get more than 25% of my army painted! Hah!

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