2 comments on “Workbench Update – Brutes and Doves

  1. I very much like your clean painting style. It looks like the photography has slightly washed the depth out of the brutes in particular (it’s really noticable on the green gloves) which is a shame. How does the brute hold together as a miniature? It looks like the tiny contact point of the chain must be a real pain to deal with. Those doves are excellent; you’ve done an amazing job on the trail of cards – how long did that take you?

    Good luck getting your miniatures done according to your schedule. I always find that I get bogged down if I set a time table for my painting.

    • Thank you! I will admit that while I’m not an overly awesome painter, and my stuff looks best at a few feet away, the pictures I manage to take really don’t do the models justice. Especially now that my camera is broken after my wife dropped it, it is hard to take good pictures. I might just have to take individual shots of the models as close as possible in good lighting (these pictures only had one light set up beside the lightbox).

      The Brute Pusher’s chain has *knock on wood* so far only bent one way and the other. I figure it’ll pop right off at some point, but so far it’s stuck on well enough.

      The Doves combined took me about 3 hours maybe? The cards only about 30 minutes or so. They’re nothing special at all up close, honestly. Just red on one side, and little card-like markings as best I could on the other.

      Yeah, schedules and I don’t seem to get along when it comes to the hobby. I just want to finally get these two forces done so I can move on to another project.

      As usual, thanks for the comment and thanks for keeping up with the blog! It’s nice to know someone’s reading and paying attention 🙂

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