5 comments on “Empire vs. Lizardmen (2000pts) – 5/8/12 (Part I?)

  1. Great report. In a fit of lunacy sparked by concern for my Slann I did some odd wheeling to encourage (if not force) the Knights to charge my SW instead of my TG…in retrospect this was a ridiculous move as the TG are more survivable and the SW AND C.O.Cav were in good positions to flank charge. Also, after looking at the arrangement of the board it was stupid not to vanguard move the T. straight at the Handgunners! They could have dropped rocks on them turn 1 then got the charge (possibly a rear charge!) in turn 2! Man…I hate making huge tactical mistakes like this! Oh well. I am now tweaking my list as I found it had a bit too much “meet in the middle”.

  2. Hopefully the mistakes you made this time will help your list/deployment/tactics next time. Thankfully this is only a game, and not real life. Because then you’d be a big fat frog on a floating rock. Hah.

    • One could be worse things than a 1000 year old frog on a rock that has almost unlimited control over an entire society of anthropomorphic alligators, an unrivalled understanding of magical energies, and divine protection from harm IMO.

  3. Great report (or anyway, half of a report). Thanks for posting. I wounder about a couple of things though. In the Empire turn 1, the militia charge the flank of the Salamander, but it looks like it should have been the front. Still, I know that Battle Chronicler can be a cruel mistress that way. In the following turn, when the Salamander rallied it shouldn’t have been able to either move or fire.

    • Oh my! How did we completely flub that? That’s a totally forgotten rule that I KNOW I knew, because I can recall following it before. And now I need to look back at our last few games and see if we made that mistake more often. Yeesh! Thanks for pointing that out!
      As for the flank charge, yes, it’s more an issue of me not turning the unit enough on Battle Chronicler. It was very close, mind you, but there were enough models on the flank side of the line.

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