3 comments on “Stormsmiths – Complete!

  1. I’m noticing that whenever anyone of us posts pics of our paint jobs, we always add in the term “tabletop quality”. I think they look amazing and I think they look much better than “tabletop quality”.

    But gotta do something with the hair. The guy in the middle looks great but his buddies need a wash (lol … did you see what I did there)!!

    • Well, there’s no way that close-ups of my painted figures (possibly with the exception of Santiago Ortega…maybe) would be welcome in any gaming magazine, is all I’m saying. Hey, I’m very happy with how my current string of painted miniatures has turned out.
      Each of the guys has a different styles of hair. Lefty is just white with a BB wash; Middleton is grey with a wash; Rightythen is just they grey. I’ll give him a watered-down wash.

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